Do you feel down or depressed and would like help to alleviate it without medication?  Are you lacking energy?  Feeling stuck? Is everything overwhelming?  


We recommend 3 – 4 sessions for alleviating depression.  Complete confidence is assured.

  • In the first session (1.5 hours) we will discuss your symptoms and explain how hypnosis and the mind works. This will include a wonderful relaxation hypnosis.  
  • In the next session (1.5 hours), we’ll deal with the causes of the depression, and will give your subconscious mind a different understanding and an ability to let go of the negative feelings.
  • The following sessions after that are to re-enforce the positive feelings that will enable you to live your life in a new way.


Lorna's Story - "My quality of life has so much improved, I am unable to express the joy I feel."

My personality has changed drastically. I used to get very irritable for no apparent reason. I would lose my temper over the smallest of things. I seemed to have no control over this behaviour.  My mind was racing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I no longer have these angry episodes. I am calm and am listening without any effort. I don't over analyze everything and my mind is no longer a mess. I have a new life now. I am a better me. My quality of life is so much improved that I am unable to express the joy I feel.


Lorna, Galway
(symptoms cleared in just two sessions)


Want to treat depression without medication?

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