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It's Bad Enough Flying From Australia, But Throw In A Fear Of Flying....

LM has to travel between Australia and Ireland to see her family.  Before she came to us, she had a fear of flying.

Imagine how awful it would be to sit in a confined space for 24 hours high in the clouds if you have the fear.  

I visited John Connolly at Mindbody Hypnosis in Oranmore while home on holidays from Australia.  I used to dread the flights home and back and often needed medication to get me to relax before flying. 

i visited John only two days before my flight back to Australia, we had an extended session and my fear of flying was gone! 

i walked out actually looking forward to getting on the flight instead of the usual days before dread.  it was certainly tested as the first flight had a very bumpy landing at Heathrow and the next flight we ran into a storm and i was absolutely fine.  i actually watched others around me looking a lot more worried during these episodes!  So here's to looking forward to flying from now on.  Thank you, it has changed my life.


Fear of flying.  Fear of dogs.  In just 3 or 4 sessions, these can be a thing of the past.  Find out more about removing fears and phobias.