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Emptying your emotional bin

Like most, I was largely cynical of the benefits of hypnosis.  I fell in with the usual cynical stereotype, all the while not really understanding what benefits there are from hypnosis.
Having been fortunate to meet John indirectly, I learned about MindBody Hypnosis, and my gut feelings were “Sincerity” and “Trust”.  Sincerity is there, it’s in the fact that you know you can share confidences.  Trust is there, and that is an immediate security in itself.  This is why MindBody Hypnosis works for me, “that sincerity and trust”.  Everything is genuine.  
MindBody Hypnosis allows me to empty the “recycle bin” easily.  Apply yourself once, and you will come out from it with a great weight off your shoulders.  Keep applying yourself, and MindBody Hypnosis will help you find that better place…for you.
Mindbody Hypnosis has helped me “show myself” how to use the tools to find that better place, a more accepting place. Sometimes that place is often right where you are. 
In a nutshell working with MindBody Hypnosis has done all this for me.  That was almost two years ago, and MindBody Hypnosis is still helping me achieve my goals.  From personal objectives to sporting ones, MindBody Hypnosis has helped “me” transform my life.  For that I am grateful.  D. M.