Quit Smoking

You know the way that every time you smoke you’re increasing your risk of cancer or other horrible smoking related disease?  And you know how your breath and hair smells, and you’re like an outcast standing in the rain having a smoke while all your friends are inside nice and warm?

Would you like to feel healthier? Lose the smoking mortgage and have more money to spend on things you really want?  Sure you would…


Quit Smoking With Mind Body Hypnosis

If you’re wondering what keeps you smoking, even though you want to stop, – it’s not the physical addiction to nicotine – but emotions, feelings, and habits you associate with cigarettes. These are far stronger than any old jolt of nicotine, as they are stored in your subconscious mind which is extremely powerful.

Mind Body Hypnosis can help you to stop smoking – for good.

We work with you to change those feelings of craving and need. Once these feelings are changed, quitting smoking becomes easy.  Many of our clients have said it’s actually a pleasure to stop smoking and regain control over their lives and health.  Contact us today to make an appointment to stop smoking.


Mindbody Hypnosis has helped many people to quit for good.

Before a session we will have a phone call to help you prepare and to make sure you've the right attitude and your desire to quit is strong.
If you are ready to quit smoking and want freedom from this life-sucking habit,  contact us to make an appointment at our Galway, Athlone, or Ennis clinics.

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