Weight Loss

End diets forever.   Would you like to enjoy food and eating it, and not feel deprived all the time on a diet?
How about feeling healthy, having loads of energy, and being able to wear the clothes you want?

Diets are designed for the body but not the mind!

You may lose a couple of pounds on a diet but how often has it happened to you that the weight creeps back on again?  This is because our bodies are still in emergency mode and hang onto all that is put in.  It is a vicious circle for some people as they try diet after diet, lose the weight, then put it on again, hoping the next one they try will be "it".

It’s a constant battle trying to be ‘good’.

Mindbody Hypnosis Weight Loss Programmes Will Help You:

  • Lose the weight for good
  • Break emotional connections with food
  • Feel positive and motivated about yourself
  • Most importantly, help you KEEP IT OFF!

Contact us today to make an appointment at our Galway, Athlone or Ennis clinics.

We recommend 3-6 sessions for weight loss.

The first is a double session where we will have a detailed consultation, and will explain how hypnosis and the mind works.  This will include a Hypnosis Session that will deal with your food cravings and eliminate the desire for addictive food.  This will make a tremendous difference straightaway.

Each session will propel you forward towards having the body you want and the right attitude towards food. You will grow in self-confidence and gain motivation to move your body. We will show you how to believe in yourself and unlock your wonderful ability to achieve your goals.

All sessions are individually tailored and you can be assured of complete confidentiality.

Says Gemma Totman, from Galway:

Having tried every diet in the book without any success, I decided to give hypnotherapy a go. Even from the very 1st visit I felt so assured that this approach would work because I suddenly felt relaxed about an issue that had stressed me for years. There was a great sense of being empowered to make a real and positive change in my life and now everything has changed for me.

I have lost 4 stone, I have the energy to exercise more, I never pick between meals, I feel so confident and I finally enjoy clothes shopping as I know clothes will fit and I like what I see in the mirror.

For me, it has represented an easy and effective way to adopt a sustainable approach to healthy living and I’ll never look back.

Thank you!!


If you want to be on your way to that confident new body that you desire, contact us to make an appointment at our Galway, Athlone, or Ennis clinics.

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